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Almost ten years ago to the day,  we launched xLAB as an interactive web design and digital marketing company. We’ve grown a lot since then, and learned even more. And we’re growing again now!

In between helping your businesses succeed, and keeping your web presence up to date with the most current technology, we’ve also learned that many of you often have computer questions and need technical IT help that’s out of scope for a web company and often not in our “little black bag” of knowledge.

This has always been a frustration for me that we can’t always provide you with 100% coverage for all your IT questions, and issues.  Well, now this has changed.  We’re teaming up with 100% Helpdesk, another local Winnipeg business that specializes in IT solutions, desktop computer support, and updates, network and computer troubleshooting and advanced “Made in Manitoba” web hosting.

This means that you now have access to a true one stop shop for everything web, computer and network related. From solving Outlook email issues, keeping your computers virus-free, to more complex solutions like networking your business, integrating your system with mobile technology and more.

As always, the xLAB crew is still looking after all your web sites, web-related marketing, training, updates, and any new web projects that you need. And now we’ll be able to offer you more support options, superior hosting plans, and full IT services. For example, we now have direct access to our server managers, Jonathan and Ryan who are right here in Winnipeg.

We’ll be calling you to introduce you to the rest of our extended team and to give you all the details about all the new services we can now provide you.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please give us a call, 204-318-1674.

xLAB Websites in Action

Featured Web Design Clients

From time time to time, we'll feature xLAB clients' businesses here.  See how smart entrepereneurs tap into the power of the Internet to automate their business, attract more customers and make more sales.  If you model the successes of others you're that much more likely to be successful yourself.  Start hanging around with us - achievement is catching on!

Community Service

Sharing the wealth. xLAB Interactive's Community Payback program - now with 100% more FREE. Free websites for Manitoba non-profits and charities.

Get YOUR Web Site for FREE too!

Yes! FREE websites.  xLAB Interactive's popular Referral Program gives you back CASH! Bank your referral bucks and you could get your next website for free.  Just like Canadian Tire Money, only much more fun!


Web Design & Marketing

Web Design & Development

When you want web design & development, call us!  When you want a website that SELLS; one that can attract new customers; delight existing clients; automate many aspects of your business to market effectively in the background, call us right now! We are your Winnipeg Web Marketing experts - award winning ideas about how to grow you business online!

Easy eMail Marketing Service

If you're looking for an easy email marketing service - one that lets you pay-as-you-go without monthly fees, our email marketing service will thrill you! Build your list of prospects effortlessly; and when you want to send great looking newsletters and personalized emails to groups, clients, or even friend and family, our new email marketing service will help you grow your business with the personal touch...

Environmentally Friendly Web Hosting

Yes, it's true. Now Winnipeg Web Hosting at xLAB Interactive is green, environmentally friendly, affordable, secure, easy for you to use, and powerful enough to be future-proof! 


About xLAB Interactive

xLAB Interactive is an award-winning Winnipeg Web Designer and Internet Marketing company. Our mission is to care for, protect and guide you on your quest to get your business on the Internet.

Selected as Manitoba's Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2007, our founder understands the unique needs of entrepreneurs, - and the xLAB team understands marketing - after all it's not just your website it's your business!

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